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Distributors worldwide needed, franchises can be granted exclusively per each country.

Middle Eastern – South America – central America- Mexico- Canada- Africa –Europeans countries    

This arrangement offers our Distributors many advantages.

Satisfactions Guaranteed:

o                                Fasters supply   

o                                highest manufacturing standards

o                                superior quality  

o                                competitively and lowest priced


A unique Franchise Golden Business opportunity

cars is offering a limited number of distribution sole agencies throughout the world to be our exclusively distributors per country. Currently we have an existing  established Distribution sole Agencies in Iraq - Libya – Egypt- Haiti- Jordan and some underway to be. Our conservative target one dealership per each country exclusively throughout world.

We are strategically positioned to service changing needs and expanding our service markets.

cars  have a guaranteed commitment to Quality, Service Value and Professionalism and are proud to be noted for offering our dealers a personal and friendly attention, while providing a modern efficient organization.


cars  take great care and pride in the preparation of its Auto products. Our policy is to ensure that all products are prepared following a strict documented  certified of Safety and Quality program.

We require qualify people with a real enthusiasm for selling and willingness to establishing great profits for themselves and our company.

Become part of our team

You will continuously be supported with on the training from experienced management and sales personnel.

Important and unique facts:

  1. Very Low Franchise Fees based on Net Profit

  2. Minimum purchase depending in each dealership and the country.


For further information regarding distribution agreement , contact:



Phone: +1 (703) 334-8561 or +1 (240) 409-5558

E-mail: info@twidco.com



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